Since 1989 Budget Document Technology has been growing and committed to providing our customers with office solutions today, and the assurance that we will be there to support them tomorrow. We accomplish this by making local decisions and continually re-investing in resources and people to keep your organization operating effectively.

As an independently owned, New England company, we offer a customer intimacy by having vested ownership that is “in the shop” each and every day, accessible, and understands that we are here to serve. We are exclusively focused on office imaging technology and have aligned ourselves with some of the leading names in the industry as fully-authorized dealerships, allowing us to provide flexible options to meet client needs. We have a staff of dedicated employees, constantly pushing themselves to learn new products, or solve client applications. We are a community based organization that has provided support with time, money and equipment.

Focused. Vested. Be Budget!

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Our Dedication

At Budget Document Technology we are dedicated to building lasting relationships. We will do this based on exceptional customer service, integrity, passion for our industry, and with the flexibility of our local independence.

We Are Committed…

  • To conducting our business with integrity, it defines us as a company and provides a foundation of trust in our relationships with employees, clients and vendors.
  • To placing a premium on reliability, providing stability, being accountable, easily accessible and to providing creative solutions with local ownership.
  • To ensuring that we take care of your needs efficiently with timely execution.
    armfull-bindersTo delivering quality, in a competitive market; quality of product, service and the customer experience.
  • To professionalism, with our appearance, attitude, and respect to our clients, employees and partners.
  • To education, by keeping our staff highly trained with industry knowledge, use of best-practices and to help inspire, educate and problem-solve for our customers.
  • To creating and maintaining strong vendor partnerships that allow us to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions.
  • To the future of our community, with the donation of resources and time and to eco-friendly programs and procedures.
  • To our future viability and growth, as such we will invest in our employees, resources, working conditions, and seek new opportunities. To do so, our business and partners must make a sound profit.
  • To simplifying your technology experience, empowering you to focus on your business.

Community Involvement