Budget Document Technology is committed to helping our clients reach goals revolving around sustainability and green initiatives. Through our vendor partnerships we can provide a variety of solutions aimed at meeting our client’s goals. For more information on any of these solutions please contact your sales rep.

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PrintReleaf automatically measures paper consumption and uses that information to determine a paper footprint. The footprint is turned into an accurate number of tress. You can then choose between several different reforestation projects and trees are planted in accordance with your footprint.

PaperCut allows organizations the ability to lessen print waste andcontrol how many pages are printed. PaperCut will also monitor number of  trees utilized, amount of carbon used during the paper production and the amount of energy used. These reports are used for educating users.
In some cases digitizing workflows can decrease the amount of paper used. Our partnership with Ademero provides us with an extremely robust and highly customizable document management solution.
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One of the easiest things our clients can do to help the environment is to recycle toner cartridges rather than tossing them in the trash. All the manufacturers we partner with provide toner recycling programs with the aim of making it easy to recycle. Click here to recycle