We all understand that our business information is the critical lifeblood to our daily function. At the same time we face many business challenges regarding our information, including data theft and regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, FERPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and eDiscovery. Today’s business must protect data and their client’s information more than ever before. At Budget Document Technology we deliver solid security solutions from the device to access to the document and finally to the end of life of your equipment.


Device Security

The potential for this information to get into the hands of someone that might use it against you or for their financial gain cannot be ignored. The good news is that this information can be rendered harmless and impossible to read very easily.


Access Security

Budget Document Technology can help you secure your copier/printers in many ways, from simple 4-digit access codes to complex card-authentication devices linked back to Active Directory.


Document Security

Budget Document Technology has numerous ways to protect your documents ranging from a simple password protected print option to the ability to create encrypted, password protected PDFs on the fly.


End-of-Life Security

With copiers being a high-powered computer today, real concerns exists that information stored on a copiers’ hard drive could be accessed by unauthorized people, after the removal of equipment from a customer’s facility. Budget Document Technology provides solutions from a certificate of data cleansing, to the destruction and replacement of the hard drive.