The need for a reliable, cost-effective output device has continually been at the core of what keeps information flowing within any organization. Today’s preferred output device is truly a multifunctional unit providing printing, copying and scanning capabilities and giving you the option to add fax, all in one space-saving device while reducing the number of supply items and support contracts, saving you money! While most copying and printing is in black and white, full-color output has never looked better or been more affordable. You can have the option to print in color when you need it.

At Budget Document Technology, we represent some of the most respected and trusted names in the industry. More importantly, our partnerships allow us the flexibility to customize a solution to your needs rather than trying to fit a “one-size fits all” approach. We will have you connected, communicated and focused on your business. Let’s do this together!

Konica Minolta

With beginnings that start well over a century ago, Konica (1873) and Minolta (1928) merged in 2003 bringing together two innovators and leaders in imaging technology with a world-wide presence.


Lexmark was founded in 1981, as the result of IBM’s sale of its information products business and was best known for the IBM Selectric typewriter.


The roots of Xerox can be traced back over 100 years ago to 1903 in Rochester, NY, beginning with the business of manufacturing and selling photographic paper.


Kyocera’s history dates back to 1948. By the mid 1980’s they were developing and providing many components used in the office imaging industry, most notably the amorphous silicon drum.